The Ultimate Pop Up Shop & Merchandising Solution

Teardrop pop up trailer shop uniquely allows a brand to engage and interact with customers. Appearing seemingly ‘out of nowhere’ customers are intrigued and drawn in; building up interest and a relationship by temporary exposure.

Who would benefit from a mobile pop up trailer?

  • Businesses promoting or testing a new product or concept
  • Small businesses
  • Companies that want multiple locations
  • Businesses looking to educate consumers by direct contact with their product or experience

Why are they so popular with customers?

  • They are unique/unusual/novel
  • They are inclusive of the customer – often experiential
  • They are often in convenient locations
  • They’re innovative

Why should I choose a pop up teardrop trailer?

  • They are affordable – the Caretta Pop up trailer shop is only £9,495.00
  • They are light enough to be towed by almost any car; weighing only 350kgs when empty and a maximum towing weight of 700kgs
  • As well as being able to target a niche audience by choosing a specific location; mobile shops also enable you to meet with new potential markets.
  • Mobile units create a sense of urgency for the consumer, as they know that it is only present for a limited amount of time.
  • The uniqueness of the pop up trailer shop will generate heavy footfall
  • Great for trialling/promoting new products
  • Once branded you also have mobile advertising

Below are just a few examples of how your pop up shop could be branded; but the possibilities are endless!

Champagne Shop
Pimms shop
Cake Shop

Trailer Top Tips

Plan ahead...

make sure you create a budget and identify objectives.

Do your research...

on where you are going to be – including demographics of the area/neighbourhood; look at other retailers/businesses in the area.

Think outside the box...

make sure that you make your pop up shop an experience for your customer; they are much more likely to remember you if they walk away with a smile on their face.

Use social media...

to your advantage; facebook and twitter are perfect avenues from which to promote your pop up shop for free. Or if you have the extra cash consider paying for an ad on facebook so that you can target your audience by specific demographics.

Taking payments...

make sure you know how you will be taking payment. It may be best to have something practical that you can use on an ipad such as vend or lightspeed or

iPad's are also great for data capture...

try and get people’s email address so that you can follow up with info or newsletters etc.

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